"I have included the following links for various reasons. Some will help you find my books. Others provide further enlightenment about the nature of sound, or are concerned with personal development and healing."
Capall Bann www.capallbann.co.uk
Patrick Kempe www.patrickkempe.co.uk/the_healing_link.htm
Joan Ocean http://www.joanocean.com/Sasqua0707.html
Gerd Lange www.rebirthingbreathwork.co.uk/profile14/heinz
Phil Sterling www.astrosound.co.uk
Jeff Moran www.soundtherapy.co.uk
Malem http://www.equinemassagequebec.com/
Malem http://www.malem.com
Malem Handpainted Silk Scarves http://www.silkscarves.ca/
Marina Wallier www.sensitiv-coaching.ch
Sound Healing www.biowaves.com
Jill Purce www.healingvoice.com
Suse Tampier-Neuhaus www.colour-stone-spirirt.com
Ute Heinemann www.wipperguetchen.de