Helena Hawley
Helena Hawley - Sound Healer and Authoress.
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Sound healing is nothing new. It has existed as long as time itself. It is part of the original creation. Personally I have been slow to discover it, but it was always there.
Various cultures throughout history have used it in their own ways, such as the Shamans, the Hathor in Egypt for healing and spiritual purposes, the American Indians, the Witch doctors of South Africa, spiritual chanting in many religious disciplines such as Tibetan Monks,  Christian faiths with Gregorian chants, the Aborigines and so on.

In healing sessions, I often combine singing and other vocal sounds, depending on what comes through me, with or without words.
By the time I was seriously committed to giving private sound-healing sessions, I had already completed four books, the first three, thanks to my clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient gifts, were about communications with other realms; that is either non-human or metaphysical such as the fairies.
The fourth and fifth are about how life and the discarnate Maria Callas led me to start using my voice, combined with other healing skills which I had, to help people and all that is including animals.  The fifth is a continuation of the fourth about Maria's help to me and humanity. It quotes a number of sound healing case histories and how I have had to evolve and progress myself in order to become more active and of service than before in this way. 
The sixth book was written to cover quite a wide range of interesting topics to help others along their pathways.
The first four books are available as free downloadable e-books in French.
Les premiers quatre livres sont disponibles en forme électroniques gratuites

In the late 1980s, I trained with Rhea Powers in Hamburg to learn how to give past life regressions as therapy, as well as channelling and clearings. The latter both for places and people. The entities, or "lost souls" as they are sometimes called, are often beings who died in traumatic circumstances or had difficult lives and have not moved on into the Light. They are stuck here. Most are harmless, but suck on the energies of the host, as they have no physical bodies of their own. Helping them out of this dimension is beneficial both to the hosts (people) concerned and to themselves.

All these skills are at my disposal to combine with sound where appropriate during private healing sessions.
By invitation, I am also available to give talks and lead sound-healing workshops for any groups interested in my spiritual work.