Healing Sessions

Photo by Michael
Water colour by Helena Hawley

I offer individual sessions adapted to your needs using intuitive vocal sound healing and channelling guided by Maria (formally Maria Callas) and/or a number of other discarnate healers.
Most sessions consist of a consultation, the vocal sounds, a quiet period during which the recipients are able to observe themselves, and any changes in how they feel, or just lie there peacefully enjoying the silence. Finally they are given the chance to discuss their session if they wish. The exact format varies according to the guidance I receive and the requests and needs of the client. The nature of the sounds used can be very varied and may include some overtoning. There are times when it is appropriate to channel spoken words in addition to the sounds, if this is requested, or it happens spontaneously. This may occur in the some instances, where past life work is involved, or clearing trauma/emotional debris resulting from previous events in the present life. If needed, a clearing can be given, where any lost souls, or deceased entities who have attached themselves to body or auric field, can be helped to find their way to the Light, thus benefiting both the entities concerned as well as the client, who will then have more natural energy.

Animals (incarnate), ancestors and other discarnate spirits (friends or animal friends) can be helped as well during your session. All that is required is that you bring a photograph of those you would like healing for.
Both may have passed on with unresolved emotional issues from their recent or less recent lives. Using sound, their pain can be released back into this dimension, from whence it came, and transmuted into Light. Their desire to heal themselves is all they need.
This type of healing can bring peace across the dimensions and help greatly in cases of bereavement.

How might I benefit from a session? Read on…

The benefits are as varied and individual as the sessions. So here is a list of benefits in no particular order, which you may or may not experience depending on your needs at the time.
Inner peace.
Expansion of the auric field including opening of the chakras.
The feeling that the boundaries limiting how far you can go in life have either been removed or pushed outwards.
Increased confidence and energy.
A feeling of well-being and being loved.
Old blocks, emotional debris which no longer serves you and congealed energies in the body/auric field are broken down, transmuted into Light and released.
Due to the above, old physical health problems may spontaneously go away and it is easier to move forward in life.
Frequently an improvement in both the speaking voice and the singing voice may take place, when blocks in the body’s energy field have been moved.
However, this is not a substitute for your doctor if you need one.

Sessions may take about an hour, occasionally less, but please allow 1 ½ hours in case we need it.
They are offered in my home in Chester, as well as abroad or in other locations, when I am travelling. (See calendar page.)
At home they are currently priced at £45.  

The healing continues to work.
You may experience yourself as a “new you”, or notice that you see life differently in a good way.
Occasionally it can happen that you are more emotional than usual, but that is not a cause for concern, in fact it is usually very positive, and just something that can happen while your energies are settling down to a new pattern.
Quiet time and rest afterwards is highly recommended when possible. “be gentle with yourself!” is the best advice you could have.

I have noticed how frequently Maria likes me to use slides, vibrato and vibrato-like effects as well as steady unwavering notes. Having also read up other people’s beliefs about the musical needs of body and soul, I understand that this way of “singing” produces the notes between the notes generally employed in Western music, all of which we need to hear and/or have present in us as well.
Bird and animal sounds also help to keep us in a healthy and balanced state, which may be why sometimes their cries and calls come through me in sessions.

“The most powerful healing that I have ever experienced! A long term restriction in my right hip disappeared immediately after the session and did not return. My energy levels have improved significantly and I feel much more balanced. Thank you Helena.”
 (W. B. Reiki, Alexander and Bowen Technique Practitioner.)

“...being a member of the audience when the sound waves from Helena were travelling through the room, I experienced a strong vibration in my heart chakra and I felt it opening up. It surprised me and touched me deeply. Something shifted inside me and took me into a silent space.”  (G. G. Spiritual Counsellor, Germany.)

“Transformative! I experienced a shift in my energies and a release in my voice. I have astonished everybody including myself. Highly recommended!”
(R. I. Singer, reflexologist, trainee sound therapist.)

“It opened my heart to a much greater sense of joy and empowered me to let my inner beauty shine through clearly”
(B. C. Bowen Therapist.)

“The sessions have left me to enjoy a sense of inner peace and calmness, and I have developed a very healthy glow.” (C. G.)

“…Firstly, I want to thank you from my heart. It was a wonderful session, which I still have in my memory. “Your” voice was beautiful and extraordinarily varied. I have never heard such sounds before. They were really very appropriate. And the big Light being with silver wings (for me Lady Grace) and the three wonderfully beautiful small angels help me very much. I keep calling them back to support me and will tell you more…” (M. S. Germany.)
(This last one had been a session about love, in which angels were channelled for her following the sounds. H. H.)

Helena giving sound healing
“Helena giving sound healing”
Photo by Joan Ocean