"I wish to bring the Light, for I have been greatly honoured since I left the Earth… I have visited marvellous realms that I never dreamt could exist in any place. And when I saw these things, and I thought of the people on the Earth, and how there was much sadness, how much my heart yearned to bring this Light to the Earth, to give it to the people who were sad!" So said Maria Callas the first time she expressed herself with spoken words through the channel Helena Hawley. One or other of the issues contained in this book concerns everyone. For it is not only about the eight interviews with the soul of the former Maria Callas, but also the spiritual pathway of Helena Hawley, step by step, with her doubts, resistance, acceptance, openings etc. After some years of preparation, they live now a brilliant duet for the benefit of all that is. They invite us as well to join our healing sounds to theirs, and not to wait any more for something to happen, but to take part in the uplifting of the Earth’s vibrations. Helena is a lady of great integrity, with the special gift of being able to communicate with many life forms, physical and otherwise. Here, she and Maria share with us their development of sound and music for healing. Together, they run workshops to give sound healing and help others develop their own musical healing skills. ISBN 186163 274 6

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