'Why?' was the question I used to ask when I was a boy. I think too many of us stop asking this important question as we get older. Should we accept the conventional views of things, or should we question them? Helena's sixth book provokes thought in a way that I had forgotten. Some of what she writes may well be beyond our comfort zone, but nevertheless the resultant uncertainty that it creates opens our minds to possibilities that we may not previously have considered – and thus we are able to start our own journey towards our own beliefs.
Dermot Spurrier

In this, her sixth book, Helena Hawley shares her knowledge and experiences to help people adapt to the subtle shifts in the consciousness of the Earth and all of life, believing that a greater conscious awareness of spirituality and how healing can be applied to quicken our vibrations would help many. Helena draws substantially from her own experiences of life and consciousness which is not the same as merely believing something with blind faith, that one has been taught by someone else, making it just a theory.

This book is dedicated to the healing of all Creation: that is people places and animals. There are also chapters to help open our eyes to the truth about religious teachings in the past and to some extent the present. It covers the areas of healing, where Helena has most recently worked, using the healing methods she understands best, to help others who go to her for private sessions, or as a means of distant healing. Both usually including the use of vocal sounds, helped and inspired by the spirit of the late opera singer Maria Callas, other discarnate healers and angels.

Helena also shares more information about the Fairy Kingdom and Nature, of which we are, of course, a part, together with her knowledge and experiences of the Sasquatch people, (Big Foot).
It is Helena's wish that all who read this book will get as much out of it as she has, both living it and putting it all together.
Julia Day

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