A Short Autobiography

"As you scroll down this page, you will find photographs illustrating my life, including dolphins, my horse, my garden,
the Welsh Mountains of the Snowdonia National Park where I go hiking, and Joan Ocean, one of my good friends."

My garden view 1
My garden viewed from my house
Born and brought up in the U.K, I developed an early love for horses, music and art. It was made clear to me that I was not talented enough at any of these to make a living out of them. Mercifully some horse-loving friends of my parents persuaded them that if I was sent somewhere to be properly trained first, then I might manage a career with horses. Thus I was spared the dreadful fate of becoming a secretary. What a relief!

I held down a series of jobs, starting as a groom in 1966. Then, following more training, with a succession of jobs in various parts of the country, I gradually worked my way up to the ranks of head girl and chief instructress at riding schools. This lasted until 1981; when, following a redundancy as my employer went bankrupt, I decided to continue working with horses as a self-employed riding instructress, in addition to riding and training horses for other people. This and other work in the horse industry served me well up until 2003, when my inner knowing told me it was time to stop and focus on other things
My garden view 2
My garden and my house

Actually the change from horses to my spiritual ventures really happened quite gradually. I began to become aware of my clairvoyance and that there was more to life than I had previously thought in the late seventies shortly before I left full-time employment. The extra time and freedom that came with working free-lance was invaluable for spiritual studies, going to workshops, and doing anything else I needed to do for my personal evolvement. It was surprising how often my interest in horses would lead me not further away, but even deeper into the spiritual realms.

A good example of the above was when I took part in a ride across the Loita Hills of Africa with Linda Tellington-Jones, internationally known animal and people healer and trainer. It was not long after my return, that having viewed the African animals from horseback, I began getting psychic messages from a number of different species of them. At the time I had difficulty coming to terms with it all, and desperate to share it with someone of like mind, I telephoned Linda from England one day to share my experiences. To cut the story short, it was she who coaxed me into writing my first book about them and the beings from others realms with whom I was also in communication. Linda gave me useful help and advice without which I doubt that first book would exist.

After that, information kept on coming to me, so this book turned out to be the first of a trilogy, (“The other Kingdoms Speak” series published by Capall Bann) which would include messages from dolphins, whales, extra-terrestrials trees, crystals angels, fairies, animals and Gaia, the wonderful planet on which we live. I thought there might be a fourth book of the same type, but somehow I never got round to getting the material together for it. Instead something much more exciting for me happened.

Joan Ocean and Helena Hawley  Click here to go to Jean-Luc Bozzoli's site
Joan Ocean and Helena in the States
Photo by Jean-Luc Bozzoli
In July 2001, when I had joined one of Joan Ocean’s groups in Hawaii about our future lives and swimming with dolphins, we were using toning as a means to help us get into a suitable alpha brainwave state for a silent meditation to follow it. I had a bad cough and throat, so I was not expecting to be able to sing very much if at all. Therefore I was truly astonished when my voice went soaring up to heights it had never reached before with amazing fluency. I knew immediately that another entity was singing through me, welcomed whomever it might be, asking her to carry on. I thought it was a one-off experience, but she kept coming back to do it again over the days that followed.


I laughed out loud when someone said something about an opera singer and suggested Maria Callas, but the following November in Alsace France, helped by Marguerite Vidal, I finally realised that this was exactly who was singing through me. The evidence it was she came through so fast after this, that before I knew it almost, I found myself writing my fourth book about her.

It was a long time before I understood why such an unlikely person as me should be having this experience. “Could Maria be a lost soul trying to live her life out through me?” I wondered often. “Why had not she chosen a budding opera singer instead?” I did not know how to sing, and in my fifties was surely too old to begin that kind of career. Besides this, I had no ambition to go on stage.

Eventually, when Maria felt I was ready, helped greatly to understand and develop this talent by Marguerite, I discovered it was sound healing. As a natural channel and lover of mostly classical music with compatible vibrations to Maria’s, it was part of my perfect destiny. I continued to write the book about how all this came about including my early experiences leading small groups in France. Thus did my book, “Maria Callas and I, Sound Healing, Living a Duet for Mankind” come into being


Ffynnon Llugwy Reservoir 2007

When the book was finished, as Maria backed away a bit, I thought that that was the end of my brief singing career. However, Maria sometimes let me know she was still around me, so that we stayed in touch. Meanwhile it gave me a much needed chance to focus more on myself and recuperate, though sometimes feeling a little lost without her. It seemed so strange to be entirely me again, instead of almost partly her as well.

  In January 2006, quite suddenly Maria was present with me and our services were asked for in Hawaii again. I took this as a sign from the universe that the singing/sound healing was not finished, but just about to begin. This turned out to be true, although not so fast!

The Glyder Mountains 2007

Llyan Ogwen 2007

Now when I give sessions I get help from several different beings of Light, although Maria has always been present. No two sessions are ever the same, any more than the people who come for them are. Each one is a new adventure for me, and therefore like most healers, I grow and evolve spiritually through giving them.
I usually offer this help to those who ask for it at my home, having carefully arranged a healing room, where I can welcome the people who come. The sound vibrations can reach all parts of body and soul open to receive them. The intention to bring through only those sounds and entities that serve the Light, and are coming for the highest possible benefit of the recipients is obviously of great importance. I also ask that the beautiful angel who acts as my “doorkeeper” only allow the pure in heart to enter my body when I go into semi-trance. The angel was already in place before I knew about its presence, and has cared for me well.

As a clairvoyant, I am often able to see the sounds and where they are working on the client in front of me. Different colours come through with these sounds spontaneously, depending on what is needed. I watch the sound waves travelling on curved lines helping to shift blocks in the auric field and generally expand it, as it is so often contracted due to the negative influences and conditioning that we may be carrying from life. Therefore the energies in a person are able to flow more freely in a natural manner as nature intended. This is how the sounds provide an opportunity for healing. In this way I open the healing door for my clients with love by the grace of Maria, the angels and others who come to help.

Cwm Eiliau, Carneddau Mountains


Starlight Ferro, this beautiful four-legged friend of mine,
was put to sleep on 28.8.13.

Starlight Ferro - click here to go to Dianne Breeze's site
Starlight Ferro
Water Colour by Dianne Breeze

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Greatly missed by his human friends, who recognised what a true gentleman he was with his good manners, as well as his physical and spiritual beauty, he now resides in the place I call "Horse Heaven". I will be forever thankful for the years of his life he spent with me.

Avatar and Helena
Avatar in the arena   After a suitable period of time, in which to become accustomed to living without Starlight's physical presence, on 17th November, I brought home a beautiful pure-bred Lusitano called "AVATAR".
Here he is!
  Helena & Avatar in the arena  
21.9.2014. Enjoying the sunshine!